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Live QR Code Generator
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Wandering for a new marketing technique to enhance your sales? Live QR Code Generator implements the latest technology core –“The Dynamic QR Codes” at your service.

Live QR Code Generator

Set QR Content

The initial task is to feed the content link of your website in the space provided. Providing a valid URL of your content will enable you to fetch the information and direct your audience to the specific content (URL) with ease.

Live QR Code Generator

Customize Colors

Once you provide the URL for the QR to be generated, Live QR Code Generator helps you to design your QR in your favorite color. You could choose the background color and foreground color as per your choice from the dashing color patterns.

Live QR Code Generator

Generate Qr Code

The moment you opt-out of your color preference, you can check out the pixel size of your QR in the right-side panel, where you could turn it on up to 1000 pixels. Post-processing these tasks, you could click on the "Generate QR" button to get your QR.

Live QR Code Generator

Download QR Image

You could print out the generated QR Code by having these QR Codes downloaded rightfully. You could easily grab your personalized QR Code in PNG format by just clicking on the "Save QR" button with ease, once you've logged in.

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Live QR Code Generator

Unerring Approach

Error-free concept is that if you feel you have an error in the provided URL, you could change it, even after print.

Live QR Code Generator

Scan Metrics

Through QR Codes, Learn more statistical information about your audience for future marketing campaigns.

Live QR Code Generator

Custom Frames

Live QR Code Generator opens, way to generate your QR Codes according to your ravishing color preference.

Live QR Code Generator

Unlimited Storage

Access unlimited storage space to store your all QR statistical informations any number of times. No limit.

Live QR Code Generator

Unique Dashboard

User-friendly workspace where you could edit, delete and download your QR Codes at any number of times.

Live QR Code Generator
Live QR Code Generator

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The features of QR Code ranges from the adaptive approach towards error-free URL, easy tracking potential, knowledge of scan metrics, and stunning dashboard. Using these extended features, you can drive in more traffic for your business, which effortlessly increases your sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Know?

The basic function of providing information to the required audience is considered to be the sole function of the "Dynamic QR Codes". With the everlasting convenience factor, Dynamic QR Codes have filled up all over the world equipping all business domains.

Live QR Code Generator

To generate QR Code, go to on your desktop/laptop computer.